Precision Batcher

Where Accuracy Meets Volume

The flexibility and accuracy of the Precision Batcher are second to none when it comes to batching and packaging cannabis flower.

This innovative packaging technology uses gentle puffs of air, also known as Air Kush Technology, to move product rather than vibration. The process aids in the preservation of trichomes on your flower, leading to a higher end-potency, better market price, and a consumer experience that lives up to your brand’s high standards.

We are experts in the packaging process, and the Precision Batcher is the only specifically designed weight batcher for the cannabis industry, delivering ultra-high tolerances and capacities that not only increase overall product value but reduce labor and handling for higher product quality.



Best in the game

The Precision Batcher has a weighing resolution of 0.01 grams. This allows for ultra tight tolerances when batching. For example, 1 gram batches will generally fall between 1.01 to 1.04 grams. It is virtually impossible for humans to reach this level of accuracy with any kind of speed.


Airkush Technology

The Precision Batcher uses AirKush technology, and not vibration, to move your flower through the machine, fostering an exponentially more gentle handling process that will preserve the quality and potency of your flower as you send it off to market.


20+ Batches per Minute

The Precision Batcher can produce 20+ batches of flower per minute, allowing you to reduce your labor costs while increasing the efficiency of your process. Clients who incorporate our Precision Batcher into their system should expect a full ROI within six months to a year, assuming the packaging of 100-250 pounds per month.

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • AirKush technology gently moves flower through machine
  • Weighing resolution of 0.01 grams
  • 800 – 1000 units per hour
  • Remote support to train, update, and service
800 – 1000 units per hour
Batch Sizes
User Defined (i.e. 1g, 2g, 3.5g+)
Input Air
100 psi @ 5 cfm
Approx 73”L x 36”W x 112”H
Short model 73”L x 165”W x 72”H
1ph x 115 VAC @ 10 Amp
Stainless Steel & Non-Corrosive Food-Approved Materials
ROI Calculator
ROI (in weeks)